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I understand that not all men are careless with their words when speaking to a woman, but there are men out there who are completely careless about what they say to a woman they meet for the first time. It seems as though some men don't realize that they sometimes say the wrong thing to a woman they just meet.
If you would ask me a question about sensitivity, I would say women are much more sensitive and will easily take things to heart. With that being said, I will quickly highlight and explain things you should never say to a woman on first acquaintance.


So many guys are fond of pretending to a lady at first with an intention to start a conversation with her. Some guys are fond of saying "You look familiar...But I...I..I just can't place it". You actually don't know her but pretending to know her in order to get her attention.
Nowadays, ladies have grown more intelligent, they experience things from guys everyday and you just can't get them(mature-minded ladies) with that. I'm not trying to condemn this method but If you think you can get a lady's attention this way,you can go ahead but I think you would be wasting your time because for me, it wouldn't work.
The best way for you to get a lady's attention is to Just be straight up and introduce yourself to her and try as much as possible to remove doubts from your mind. Just walk towards her hoping that she would respond to you politely.
Note- your first expression matters a lot. The way and manner in which you introduce yourself would be very vital as this is what a lady observes the most when you first walk up to her. If you don't have a good introduction, I'm afraid you might get a rude response from her or some may totally ignore you.


Try not to talk too much about yourself and try to listen more. Ensure that you have a listener's disposition and be sure not to interrupt when she is talking. Give her much space to express herself and understand where she's coming from. Make sure you are as calm as a dove and don't make yourself look like a talker before her. Try as much as possible to reserve certain things till another date.


It is very important that you ask relevant questions and don't ask random questions like you are interviewing her, No! that would only make you look boring and she could end up not having any more interest in the conversation. For example; A guy asks a lady saying "What's your favorite color?" and once she answers that, he immediately asks another question saying "do you like traveling?". Now you can see that these two questions are nowhere related. This can definitely turn her off. If your first question is "What is your favorite color?", and she answers saying "I love purple", your next question should be like this "on what occasion do you like wearing purple the most?" Or you can as well follow up with this "which between casual and formal wear do you like wearing the most"?. This way you can have a better and interesting conversation with her.
Just ensure that you make her feel relaxed and ask interesting questions.


Okay so many men are fond of doing this and which is really immature. I understand sometimes you find it hard to hold back when you set our eyes on someone who you like so much but you should understand that you don't say "I love you" just yet to a lady when you barely know her.
Do you know what comes to most lady's head when you say you love them on first acquaintance? Well, the answer is this; They feel highly disappointed and say "Am I that cheap"??. Believe it or not but this I think is what comes up in their end most times guys use the phrase "I love you". They may end up not taking the entire conversation serious and feel you had wasted their time. If any lady accepts the phrase "I love you" on first acquaintance, I want you to have it at the back of your mind that that lady isn't honest about how she feels, she probably might be lusting after you.
Bottom line is that you should try not to use the phrase "I love you" on first acquaintance because it can put the lady off.

    I think the moment you ask a lady this question, she gets suddenly uncomfortable. Especially if she has been single in a long time, frustrated from not meeting the right guy in a long time, or chose to remain single as a result of being betrayed in her previous relationship. She could escape this uncomfortable questions by giving you either of this two answers;

 A. I've just been focusing on myself(which may not be true because she probably might have been struggling in the dating world).
 B. I just got out of a long-term relationship(which of course she knows you wouldn't wanna know the details of that on a first meeting).

 Having said that, You have every right to decide what to ask a woman. I'm just giving my own tips base on experience even though all women don't think the same way but basically, who wouldn't get uncomfortable when they are being asked this question.

I think a woman could get a lot sensitive when you ask her about how much she make in her job. You don't ask a woman about how much she earns on first acquaintance. This could get her really uncomfortable.

There you have it. I hope these tips were helpful. If you have anything contrary or to contribute to the tips above, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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