Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Revealed: Kim Kardashian's Robbery Was Allegedly An Inside Job, Connected To Her Limo Driver

kim Kardashian's robbery was one of the biggest headlines of 2016. Everyone wanted to put in their two cents: Was it a publicity stunt? Was it an inside job? Was it all just one big conspiracy?

Now, we can all stop speculating. After a whopping 17 arrests were made, law enforcement now believes the robbery to be an inside job.

One of the suspects connected to the robbery just so happens to be Kardashian's limo driver, a 27-year-old man who is frequently employed by the family when they're in Paris. This unidentified driver was the last person to see Kardashian before the robbery went down, and as it turns out, police believe he supplied the other 16 suspects with exclusive information regarding her whereabouts. Talk about a plot twist!

Despite the fact that this information is rather disturbing, Kim is actually "very happy and reassured" that arrests are being made. Us Weekly reports that Kardashian must review footage of robbery as the investigation continues, which we assume will be very traumatic for her.

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