Sunday, 25 December 2016

See what Beyonce got all her formation dancers for Xmas

Maybe you wish you were part of her squad?

As reported, Beyonce gave her staff their xmas gift a bit early, likely knowing she was going to be well in the running for best of all time, let alone 2016.

One of her famous dancers posted on instagram saying that Queen Bae gave each on her squad new ipad Pros for Xmas.
One of her dancers "Ashley Meverette" had this to say online "Christmas came a little early this year.." "Thank you @beyonce and #parkword for showing appreciation for this years hard work! #grateful #blessed #merrychristmas #happyholidays."

Thats awesome!

It was announced on the 23rd of Dec that Beyonce will be joining Adele to perform at the Grammy Awards in 2017 and likely will be joined by her great formation dancers.

There you have it folks, What did you think?

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