Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tupac's 1994 Sexual assault Charge

Hey folks if you are not aware, In December 1994, Tupac was convicted of Felony Assualt and served 9months in prison in 1995. After getting info about this, Its hard for me to find concrete reasons to doubt the jury's decision.
Ok I will quickly highlight the areas that seems to be confusing to me.

- Tupac was not actually convicted of the gang rape that actually took place, but instead, "an apparent compromise Verdict, convicted of two counts of sexual abuse- Specifically, forcibly touching Ayana Jackson's butt". This makes it hard to take a stance on what the jury believed actually happened.
- Tupac seemed to believe that one of the other men involved in the situation, Jacques Agnant, was a Government informer who had who had set him up, but I'm not entirely sure how this process worked in Tupac's side of the story...Did agnant get jackson to lie about the entire incident for him?
- Tupac's defense doesn't seem to be that the gang rape never occurred...merely that he was not in the room at the time. Its hard for me to come with a reason as to why Jackson would lie in her testimony just to include Pac in the story.
- Some seem to believe that the verdict only happened because the Government really wanted Tupac in Jail for other reasons but couldn't pin anything on him.
I think Tupac was one of the greatest,Maybe the Greatest rap artist of all time, but I'm not sure if its worth absolving him of this crime and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

Finally, my question goes thus;
It doesn't look like we can ever know for sure what really transpired at the time, but Do you really think Tupac was guilty of the charge? And what percentage or odds would you put on the conviction?

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